Success is synonymous with financial gain,
In the fold, hidden and tucked,
A spider web where the spider’s stuck.
Climb and climb –
the daily grind.
Some rusted trash – a golden find.
initiate impulsive bind.
Impulses. Cash
initiate impulsive buy.
Flushing gold,
Wasting time.
(Hole in my pocket lost another dime
Going home; out of range
Growing old; spitting teeth down the drain,
Nobody knows,
Nobody’s sane,
But believing they are
all the same.)
Bleeding treason
“Fascist holiday,”
It’s brass season,
Cue the jazz – and daily beatings,
and memories; hazy, fleeting.
Day in, day out. All this constant reseeding.
Out of the loop, missed another big meeting.

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