Another sunrise
Another night outlasting the moon
Good-hearted people can make mistakes too
There is so much to learn and remember
How to decipher between that and what to forget
Somethings I’ll just never understand
Getting the sense there was a race started
Couldn’t figure out when to run
Someone must’ve muted the starting gun
Can’t make sense out of this life
Confused how anyone could
with no instruction manual in sight
The lines are blurring everywhere
There are grey areas around every corner
Together they blend right in
wrong and right decisions
The trials of creating some kind of wish list
only to find
That half never come true
and the half that do
Well, they’re littered with compromise
Getting what you want
only happens to a certain extent
Victories are marred by sacrifice
You’ll never find anything free that isn’t underlined by fine print
Terms and conditions may as well be in a foreign language
with the way that nobody reads them
When a door closes there isn’t always a window that opens
  Just having a key
doesn’t mean it’ll fit the lock
  Just wanting progress
doesn’t make the digression stop
The rule book is never crystal clear
The new golden rule is making due with what you’ve got
Because that’s all you can really ask for
The truth is further away than we thought
The fruitless search for it
leaves more with exhaustion than fulfillment


The secret is that the fountain of youth is filled with ignorance.

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