Consider this another for the
Gone But Not Forgotten column,
Chalk it up as a loss anyway,
Switch gears,
The same status quo can’t go on for years,
Timing is everything
and delicate, too.
Wires tangled,
short circuit, there’s too much to do,
fuse box is mangled,
Robot, data; brain food.
Attacked by some werewolf at
midnight when its fangs drool,
Laying in bed
can’t sleep, feeling brain dead.
Press the pressure point prompting the pain spread.
Use the terms of the laymen,
“Afraid and Hating Las Vegas,”
Burn, baby, burn,
You’re too burnt out
you won’t make it,
Fade in, fade out,
fade into aimless.
The featherweight champ who never came to the weigh in,
Put myself under a microscope
until every mistake is blatant,
I’m no virtuoso,
I’m just running out of patience.



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