Stuck somewhere losing his mind 
The architect of his own demise

He sits and waits and waits some more,

looking for more time to kill

Time stands still 

He watches hell unfold from inside his window sill 

There’s a chill that washes over his bones

for a second thinking that he’s all alone 

“Here I thought I was unique,”

We all learn that we aren’t after plugging so many leaks

Thinkin’ ’bout what we shouldn’t have done 

and everything that we’ve done wrong 

The only thing we put at risk; ourselves. 

Sitting there, he signs his whole life away

Barely disgruntled, but in constant dismay

Wanting to sleep and nothing else for days

There’s nothing here that’s left to chase – 

Maybe distractions,

maybe a grave, 

Another helpless life to save –

But he concludes, 

Your problems are your own 

They shouldn’t burden anybody else’s home

The brain’s a war machine, destroying everything in its path 

The more he thinks, the more he wants to take a napalm bath. 

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